Saturday, February 6, 2010


with my online fabric purchase from Denver Fabrics. After the previous discussions regarding purchasing fabric online I was a bit nervous about the order I placed with Denver Fabrics. But when my fabric a light weight wool hopsack arrived I was very pleased. I am going to use Simplcity 2810 and make a tailored jacket taking inspiration from a Coach jacket from the new Poppy line. And thanks to Nancy K's recent post I am going to use the techniques she referenced for the lapels. And for some reason I am having trouble with USB port so I can't post the picture. That's just one more thing to add to the always present "to do list". I want to finish this jacket and the Chanel jacket by the end of the month.


Mountain Thyme said...

I am lucky enough to live within an hour of Denver Fabrics.I don't get there often as it means a day trip "down the slope" to Denver, which can be a real hassle in the winter from our home in the mountains. A great place. It used to be even greater, but they downsized greatly about four years ago. I was there on Thursday and bought some stuff. One of the cute things they have which I use a lot is one table where the fabrics are sold by the pound. Sometimes there will be an 18 inch square and sometimes a yard or two. I make purses and handbags, so I find a lot of useful fabrics on that table.

amber said...

I know, I've been following a lot of these online fabric buying discussions, too. I'm glad that it was what you were hoping for and I'm excited to see the resulting jacket. :)