Tuesday, February 23, 2010


for Gwen's tutorial on making shoulder pads.  I have always struggled with making or purchasing just the right shoulder pad.  For that reason I have enjoyed the last few years of jackets without pads.  But everything changes and once again I found myself in the shoulder pad dilemma.  Enter Gwen, of All My Seams with instructions for making pads.  I made a set this morning and I have to say I think they are perfect.  I did eliminate the second 4"piece for a slightly smaller pad.  Thank you Gwen!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


to completing my copy cat jacket. Yesterday I received the black and white silk charmeuse lining and the white silk for the pocket and cuff trim. This was another purchase from Denver fabrics with which I was very pleased. Today I cut out and sewed the lining and made the pockets. I have also decided that I am going to make the white cuffs removable so I can wash it when necessary and not have to take the jacket to the cleaner every time the cuff is dirty. About 2:30 I took a break and went to the mailbox and discovered that my buttons from Britex had arrived. Perfect timing! I was at the point that I needed the buttons before I could go to the next step. I would like to think that i can finish this project up tomorrow. i am starting to run out of time before our trip next month. And of course I must finish this jacket to take with me because I don't have a thing to wear!


Last Friday night we celebrated Valentine's Day at home. Grace was spending the night with us and since she is so interested in France I decided to have a French meal. I thought it would be fun and educational too. I made Julia Child's Coq au Vin which I haven't made in years - probably because it uses 1 stick of butter. I used maps of Paris and a photo of the Eiffel Tower to decorate the table. While I cooked we talked about French food, fashion and lifestyle. And of course we dressed for dinner. Grace wore pearls, I wore a beret and she picked out a coat and tie for Papa.

For dessert I made our favorite molten chocolate cake and we toasted the evening with sparkling grape juice. Sweet Jim gave us a card and box of candy. He also paid me a very nice compliment and said it was one of the best meals he had ever eaten! It was a very nice evening.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


was importing, organizing and posting photos. So far it seems like everything I do is just a little easier on the Mac. This is a photo of the navy fabric I ordered from Denver Fabrics and my inspiration jacket. Coach did the same jacket for spring in different colors. This enabled me to zoom in and really see the details on the jacket and add a couple of new details to my jacket. I am very excited about the way this project is going. Now I am just waiting on the lining and the buttons to arrive.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


After a few minutes of frustration I am getting excited. I had been having trouble with my computer for the last couple of months and was thinking about replacing my pc with a Mac. Well yesterday i took the plunge so now I am a proud but somewhat frightened owner of a MacBook Pro. My computer skills are basic so this could prove to be a major leap into new skills. So here's my first post on Mac. Next up is photos.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


with my online fabric purchase from Denver Fabrics. After the previous discussions regarding purchasing fabric online I was a bit nervous about the order I placed with Denver Fabrics. But when my fabric a light weight wool hopsack arrived I was very pleased. I am going to use Simplcity 2810 and make a tailored jacket taking inspiration from a Coach jacket from the new Poppy line. And thanks to Nancy K's recent post I am going to use the techniques she referenced for the lapels. And for some reason I am having trouble with USB port so I can't post the picture. That's just one more thing to add to the always present "to do list". I want to finish this jacket and the Chanel jacket by the end of the month.