Sunday, December 28, 2008

A New Generation of Hunters

On the last day of the season we went to the farm, rode the 4 wheelers and climbed the deer stands. On the way home we stopped by the processing center to pick up Jim's deer. Someone had just come in with the deer they had shot and it was in the back of their pickup. Grace was very curious and wanted to get a closer look. She said it was, "disgusting" but that it would not stop her from eating deer! Later she announced that she was going hunting next year. While we are at the farm we shot a pumpkin a couple of times so we could show her the power of a gun and what happens when something is shot. We want her to have a healthy respect and understanding of guns in hopes that she would never pick up a gun without supervision.

A Successful Hunt

For two years Jim did not get a deer but this year he got a 9 point buck within 10 minutes of getting in his stand. We always enjoy our vinison and this year I am determined to make some new recipes with cuts that we generally give away. It will be in keeping with our goal of eating foods that are organic and natural.

Upon Seeing Her Dollhouse

Grace and Brother (Aaron)


On December 1st my sister Catherine posted a comment on my blog that simply said, "POST TO YOUR BLOG!" Actually I think that is screaming. So here I go trying to catch up on the past 2 months but don't worry I won't try to fill in every detail-- I've forgotten.

THE JACKET is still not finished but oh so close. I have to sew on 3 pockets and fix one sleeve. Belive me when it is finished I will post it! It has been a labor intensive project - I quit counting at 120 hours- but worth the time and engery I have invested. I will make another one someday, not because I need another one, but being the perfectionist that I am, I want to do the work again and improve on the finished product.

November 14th Grace spent the night while Jim was deer hunting. We went to the mall then came home and made chocolate pancakes and painted pictures for Santa and Mrs Claus. And we decorated the "All About Me Princess Tree. The next day she went with me to our RV Club Christmas party and guess who was there! Santa and Mrs. Claus! She was so excited, she said, "I've never met Mrs. Claus before!"

Thanksgiving was spent with the Arkansas family at Phyllis and Randall's. We stayed for two nights and had a great visit with all. When we got home it was full speed ahead for Christmas. Even though we have intentionally downsized Christmas activities it was a very busy season. The difference is we are really focusing on the special things and really close friends and family. More about the holidays later.

The year is almost over and of course that means it is a time of reflection as well as a time to look forward. I am reviewing the goals I set for this year and trying to evaluate myself. And I'm thinking about the things I want to acomplish in '09. I am interested in what you consider to be important. Let me hear your feedback.