Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Back in Feb I was on the ASG site and noticed the contest info for 2009. I have never entered a sewing contest but I thought, why not. I decided to enter the category Most Interesting Wardrobe Concept. My wardrobe consisted of seven pieces for a my perfect travel wardrobe. I also wanted it to be economical and eco-friendly, which meant I would use fabrics from the stash and remake some existing pieces. My total cost was less tha $50.00. ( I don't know why I think there is no cost involved when the fabric comes off the shelf in my sewing room as opposed to the shelf in the store!?) My wardobe was not chosen for final judging byt that's okay. I love the pieces I made, they will serve me well and I enjoyed the process. It was interesting to look at the completed pieces and try to see what they would say about me to someone who did not know me. I sent in photos, fabric swatches and my concept info. My project was not chosen for the next round of judging but that's okay - I'm happy with it anyway. And I want to share it here.

The jacket is Simplicity 2977. I lengthened it, added a back pleat and made the front edge straight instead of curved. I added a lining in lime green silk and applied it by hand. The leather trim is from an old pair of leather pants and instead of buttons I used magnetic snaps which are inside the fabric.

I used view A of Simp 2938 which is a dress to make 2 skirts, one in denim and one in a wool knit. I used an invisible zipper in the denim and a hand picked embellished zipper in the knit. In the knit I did a petersham waist and a facing in the denim. I also used this pattern for black wool crepe pants.

The cream wool knit top, Simp 2977, was fabric from a cape. I love this top and will definitely make it again. It is a very flattering style and a great fit. I did not make any changes to this design.

The cotton lace top is Simp 2925. The lace is over a balck cotton batiste and the neck bank is satin. The lace and the batiste were made separatly to create more movement in the fabrics. I used french seams and a hand picked zipper.

View B of Simp 2988 is a white cotton top. I moved the zipper to the front trimmed it and the neckline in the green silk. I also added sleeves. This piece is a more seasonal piece whereas the others adapt easily to different seasons with accessory changes.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Caviar, blini, herring and pickles were served at the vodka tasting. The other well know drink of Russia, tea, was also served.

Monday, May 18, 2009


For many years I have had a burning desire to go to Russia and at last my dream has been fulfilled. I have just returned from a 12 day riverboat cruise on the Volga River, cruising from Moscow to St Petersburg. I love history and art and Russia has always held a fascination for me. My only disappointment was that my time there only allowed me to scratch the surface of a country with such a rich history. Here are a few favorite pictures.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Arrived in Chicago @ 4:45 about 40 mins early. Called Jim he misses me already!
2 weeks is along time to be gone. Trip uneventful so far . That's all for now.