Saturday, March 28, 2009


I am so excited! Yesterday I finished my pant sloper and met with Debra for a final fit. It is a good fit and now I am ready to make pants. But to be on the safe side I am going to Jo-Ann's tomorrow and hopefully buy a decent piece of twill or denim to make sure I am going to be happy with all aspects of fit before cutting into my black wool from Paris. Although I heard that airfare to Paris is only $250.00 right now it is not like I can just make quick little trip to replace the piece in the event the pattern doesn't work as well as I'm hoping. I used a Dusan system to make the sloper which basically allows you to take your measurements and plot them on a pre-made pant sloper and then connect the dots. To adjust for my large thigh I extended the crotch point 3/8" on the front and back crotch pieces. In the muslin this amount gave me the right amount of ease but it may need to be extened more in other fabrics. I always use a 1" seam allowance so it should not be a problem if I need to add more. I don't deal well with disappointment so I really hope this works.
Now my next challenge will be to find on my computer the pictures I just took of this process. New camera, new software - old brain.

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Kate said...

Oh you are BRAVE!! I keep using my same old Pucci pants pattern from 1960s. Must have 20 pairs of them. Now that my play is over and doggie settling in it's time to sign up for that BabyLock class and get over my new sewing machine phobia and expand my horizons. Summer clothes beckon.

You must come visit and see my garden! I DO hope the spring tornadoes miss y'all. K Q:-)