Sunday, December 13, 2009


Each year I have a Christmas party for Grace and her friends. When Grace got here she put on her lipstick and gloves and checked out the table which I had decorated with carousels from my collection. We then discussed the proper way to greet guests, where to put their coats and a few house rules. As each girl arrived I took her picture with Grace and Mirabella, the snowgirl. They decorated a perma-coated plate and had dessert. Jim even got into the action when the girls decided he needed to wear the reindeer antlers!


Julius Family said...

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful way to celebrate friends and the holidays! She is a lucky girl! I love the picture with Jim!

Kate said...

Carousels! Oh my, another passion we have in common. I have a fiberglass repro of a carousel horse in my family room just waiting for riders. It shared a stage with Meryl Streep in The Cherry Orchard eons ago (or so I am told).
K Q:-)

Kat said...

And a fun time was had by all! :) Cute pics.