Sunday, June 22, 2008


On Friday the 13th the golf course behind our house turned into a lake. Normally there is a small dry creek bed that runs through the property to carry drainage from the hills behind but on this day it couldn't do the job and a lake formed. We have been here 15 years and never seen that much water. Our home is quite high overlooking this area and we were not in any danger but so many people have not been so fortunate. I cannot imagine what someone must feel to see water at their roof or to see their home floating down a newly made river.

Monday, June 16, 2008


is the green slogan but they forgot REMAKE. I have always enjoyed my sewing from an artist's perspective but it also a great way to make my clothes continue to work when they have been redesighned. For example, I cut off all my capris and made burmuda shorts and I hem and rehem skirts and dresses constantly to update. Simple. And if you don't sew you probably know someone who does and you can trade out-- clean her toilets - she'll hem your pants! In the storage room there are 3 big plastic tubs filled with clothes. Some are clothes I've made and some have been purchased, the fabric is wonderful and will someday be remade into something new. I also cut out zippers and take off good buttons before something goes to the donation pile. And did you know that if something isn't fit to be worn by anyone it can still be donated. Most organizations will accept those things because they sell it by the pound and the fabric is recycled. Pretty neat, your favorite old stuff can have a new life.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Jim just came in and said the garden is destroyed. Our latest round of storms today produced quarter sized hale and beat the leaves off everything. I doubt I'll be able to talk him into planting it again since this was the third time. The first two plantings were killed by frost and cold weather even though we had covered everything. I am so disappointed. The squash already had little squash! He is more upset about the pool -- now filled with leaves! Yesterday it was sparkling.


My sister Catherine asked a guestion on her blog about what people were doing to save money for gas and asked them to share their ideas. I thought it was a good question and it made me think about what I do now and what I could do. Maybe the high gas prices will cause us all to rethink how we use or in some cases how we waste our resources. I have always been pretty good about planning my trips to town to be the most efficient time wise. But now I ask myself do I really even need to go to town because going to town means I'm going to go buy something and chances are I don't even need it! To save money and gas don't shop for a hobby! Read a book instead, one you have checked out from the library or borrowed from a friend.

I shop with coupons, coupons for clothes, groceries and restaurants. I am devastated if I have to buy something and don't have a coupon. You don't even have to take the paper to clip coupons-- they are online, just print it. I gave Hobby Lobby my email and they send me one every week. But I caution you, don't buy it just because you have a coupon and don't even go to the store to see if you need something just beacause you have a coupon. You should know if you need it without having to go look and see if you need something!

This year Jim and I planted a garden. Yes, a garden! Not a surprise for Jim but some of you may have trouble envisioning me gardening. Well, actually Jim planted it at my request. We have tomatoes, peppers, squash and strawberries and I planted basil, mint and cilantro. Not only is this a hugh $ savings but you can't even compare the taste and quality. My goal is to eat only whole and natural foods, not processed chemicals. Initially this will be more expensive but our health is priceless and in the long term I believe it will pay off. I am even slowly introducing my friends to this concept. Why have friends over for dinner and feed them things you would not eat otherwise. So far they still come when invited.

More later.

There is free stuff everywhere. On Tuesdays Grace and I are going to Storytime at the library and will either eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the park or on the patio (instead of Chick-fil-a.) We are also going to rride our bikes on the Greenways Trail. not only is this all free but it encourages exercise and outdoor activities.


I don't know if it was despite all the rain or because of it but this year our yard and flowers were the prettiest I think they have ever been. This is only the second year for this rose. It is hard to believe but we have not had the watering system on yet this year.

Grace Grows Up

Grace graduated from Pre-K with in May with excellent remarks from her teacher. She is spelling, writing and recognizes numbers and letters. This summer we are working on spelling and reading. We just started reading The Secret Garden.

She was in a play at school, the only child chosen from her class and was Clara Schumann on History Day and told about Clara's life and music. I made her costume and then donated it to her school. Her dance recital on a Friday was followed by her violin recital on Monday. So Jim and I had a weekend of culture. In dance she takes tap, ballet and hip hop. She has the moves and the rhythm and hip hop is her thing. She and all the other violin students really surprised us, they were all very good for their level. I think it is great tht children have so many opportunites to explore and learn so many things but I do worry that all these activities don't leave alot of time to just be a kid and do kid things. On the days that she is with us we try to relax and play.