Wednesday, October 20, 2010


                                           Setting the table.
                                           Creating the perfect centerpiece.  Yes, that is a scarf
                                           wrapped around the vase of flowers.   And the stem
                                           of the water glass  is wrapped with sparkly garland.
                                           Handmade place cards always add a nice touch.
                                           And let's not forget a bit of seasonal decoration.
                                           Everything is ready but Papa.  He needs a manicure.
                                            And his hair needs a little attention too.

                                           We will later discuss the specifics of serving.
                                           We make a toast to our evening with sparkling
                                            grape juice in Waterford toasting flutes.


Our time with our sweet granddaughter Grace is limited so when we are together
we make the most of every moment.   We plan the time around  her and do pretty 
much what she wants to do.  One of her favorite things to do is to have a "fancy"
 dinner.  She enjoys setting and decorating the table and I encourage her be creative
and impose no rules on what she chooses for her tablescape. However, she  does
 know the proper placement for silverware and napkins!  It is sad that much of the 
art of entertaining is a thing of the past so I throughly enjoy sharing this with her.
Perhaps one evening, years from now she will set the table in her own home for a
"fancy" dinner and will think of all the times that she had dinner with her Papa and Mammy!

After a quick photo we went to the theatre to see Treasure Island.


Kate said...

How wonderful!! I love doing a fancy dinner too and we used to make quite a ceremony of it when the boys came to visit us for holidays. I even made special napkins for holidays. Hopefully, they remember those good days. Hope Treasure Island was a lot of fun too!

Good to have you back here, Lady!

amber said...

This is just precious and brought tears to my eyes. I still fondly remember all of the times that I got to hang out with my grandparents and loved that they would always cater to me when I spent the night. She will definitely remember these times and carry them with her always.

LPC said...

You both look beautiful, you and your little granddaughter:).