Monday, March 22, 2010


Without reservation I can say, "I am a collector." Over the years I've had many collections; carousels, dishes, crystal. bells, pottery, purses and compacts, just to name a few.  And of course there is a collection of fabric and sewing items.  I have also managed to accumulate a rather nice collection of vintage clothing. Recently it hit me that I've got to start making plans for all this stuff because it just doesn't seem fair to put that responsibility on someone else.  I started by taking photos of my home and it's contents, making a list of everything and then began the process of deciding who would enjoy what.  I even called a few people and asked them what they would like to have when I'm gone!  My close friends were not surprised by what might seem a strange question.  It is a well known fact that I am borderline eccentric.  But as I was going through some things, especially the vintage clothes and family heirlooms I decided that the time was now.  Why wait until I'm dead and gone?

So my first item, a 1950's mouton jacket,  that was boxed and shipped went to my niece, Tuesday, a 23 year old college student at the University of Arkansas. She loves vintage clothing and I know she will love this jacket and I hope she will think of her Aunt Lizzie every time she wears it.

Now Tuesday you need to send me a photo of you wearing the jacket.


Kate said...

Oh I too LOVE vintage clothing and have a collection of vintage hats (which I studied to learn old forgotten techniques). Your niece should love having that luscious Mouton to wear. I found a vintage 40s nutria coat at a Goodwill ($15)when I was young and felt so glamorous wearing it (until it fell apart).

Good for you letting it go on to a new life!
K Q:-)

amber said...

What a fun jacket! I hope we get to see some pictures of your neice in it. :)