Friday, February 29, 2008


Well. it is day four in San Antonio and we finally made our trip to the Riverwalk and the Alamo. We got here on Tuesday and I didn't feel very good and by Wed morning I was really sick so waited until Thur and I still didn't feel very well so we extended our time by a day and went this morning. We rode the city bus from our campground (that's another story) and took a quick walk through Riverwalk and stopped for a nice lunch at one of the little restaurants. Then we headed for the Alamo to test our memory of what we learned in high school. I am sorry to say I would not have gotten a high score if there had been a test. And I was a good student! It made me think of something I heard an educator say the other day. The discussion was about how few facts like dates high school students knew these days. The educator said there was no reason to memorize these kind of facts anymore since the internet gave everyone immediate access to the simple facts. And today's experience highlights this. I used to know all of this but in the past 40 years have not had a need to call it up. Just a thought about our changing world.
On the way to the Alamo the downtown Dillards caught my eye and I was 6 years old again shopping with my mother in downtown Little Rock. It was such a vivid memory-- I could see the floors, the stairs and especially the Charles of the Ritz cosmetic counter in Gus Blass Department store where my mother had her powder customed mixed. Then we would go across the street to Woolworths and eat at the counter. Some change is good, we don't have to memorize dates; some change is just dull -- the food court at the mall is just not the same as Woolworth's counter. And some change is sad-- my mother is no longer here to go shopping.
I really wanted to go in Dillards and the Rivercenter Mall, I wasn't wanting to shop, just browse, but by the time we took in the Alamo Jim was feeling like I was feeling a couple of days before so we headed for our bus stop and came home. We may have to extend our stay in San Antonio even longer, I for sure can't get this rig out of here.
Oh! and before I forget, I have to say I love the architecture here!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Somebody is feeling better and posing for the camera! How do you like the hair extensions? I think she looks a bit like Paris Hilton in this shot but pray she doesn't act like her.


At last our family made it to Disney. On the first day we went to Epcot and Grace had pictures made and got autographs from all the Disney stars. Day 2 was Hollywood Studios, my least favorite. And day 3 MAGIC KINGDOM, still my favorite! Grace had a makeover at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and the Grace, Allison and I had lunch at Cinderella's castle. While we were doing this Jim, Aaron and Greg took off to the Richard Petty Driving Experience where Aaron took a ride in a real race car at 140 mph. This was a dream come true for him, all the guys are big Nascar fans. Wed Aaron left to go back to Spfld because he didn't want to miss too many classes and I think he regretted this decision and wished he was staying with us. I have to admit we are really proud of him for taking school so seriously. Maybe there will be another Disney adventure in his future. On Wed afternoon we went to Animal Kingdom and had dinner at Rain Forrest Cafe. And we went to Downtown Disney for a little shopping.

The trip had it's magical moments and its disappointments. Poor little Grace was sick for several days and not in a very good mood. We felt so sorry for her and just hope that she will have some good memories of her first trip to Disney with her Papa and Mammy. I promised her we would do it again. Aaron and I rode some rides together and I must admit the rides were like milk toast but it was good to keep company with Aaron since we don't get much time with him.

Titusville and The Kennedy Space Center

When we left Port St Lucie we went to Titusville to see our friends, Dan and Sue Palen. They have a beautiful new place at The Great Outdoors. They have built Florida room on their lot. It has a big bath and laundry room, a fabulous kitchen, complete with granite countertops, a sitting room and a screened in porch. The rv parks right next to it so they have plenty of space especially when family comes. Thank you Sue and Dan for your hospitality and touring us all over the area.

One day we went to the Space Center and learned so much about our space program. The shuttle took off three days before we got there so we didn't get to see it but we saw the launch pads, Alpha and Bravo, the crawler which takes the shuttle to the pad and we even rode in a similator that is supposed to be very realistic. The consoles are the actual ones used for Apollo 8. We reccommend going if you are ever in the area and plan to spend the entire day.

Friday, February 22, 2008


is just way to long to be without internet access! I feel as if part of my life has been separated from me. tonight is our last night at Disney and we head for Texas tomorrow. Hopefully our next park will have wifi and and I can reconnect with my world. And if no internet is not bad enough the cable doesn't have QVC, TLC or Bravo. I have no idea what is going on with Project Runway or What Not To Wear!!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Here we are in warm sunny Florida at Outdoor Resorts in Port St Lucie. The resort is very nice, one of the prettiest we've been in. And it is all rv's. One picture is the lot we are parked on and the other picture is one of the lots that is for sale. We are a bit tempted to purchase and looked at available lots with the realtor today. We won't do anything before we leave but there is a possibility that later we may purchase. Who knows? Monday we are heading to Titusville to visit with the Palens and then to Disney on the 15th. Grace is pretty excited about her trip and of course so are we.