Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I was rather disappointed after my class with Sandra Betzina with the jeans I was making but decided to keep working on them. (The details about the remake are in an earlier post.) And I am so glad I didn't quit because in the end they turned out quite nice. I very happy with the overall fit and although they were a bit labor intensive I will probably make them again with a couple of minor changes. I'll lower the waist not just in the back but all the way around by 1/2" and cut the front leg slightly larger on the outer edge. I like my pants and jeans to fall straight from the largest area of the hip and not curve in at the knee. I will also skip the belt loops - I did them this time but not like the pattern instructed but as they would be done on any other pair of jeans.

For the pockets I used a cotton print, it adds a bit of fun and reduces the bulk in the stomach area. I also did not serge the seams but pinked them before topstitching. One of my favorite tips from Sandra was to use a triple stitch for topstitching. I had never paid any attention to this stitch before but am so glad I discovered it.